Your clay court playing experience

Domo® Smashcourt® was specially designed to give your players the same playing experience as on a clay court. This includes consistent ball bounce with a slow to medium playing speed. The added value of Domo® Smashcourt® compared to clay is its playability in all weather conditions. This artificial clay system can be used both indoors and outdoors. The special clay-coloured sand ensures that there is no noticeable difference in look and feel from original clay courts.

In short, Domo® Smashcourt® is an attractive tennis court where tennis players can give the best of themselves all year round.

Your playing performance is our focus


Your playing performance is our focus - Domo Smashcourt - Domo Sports Grass


General overview

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General overview of Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass - Foto® Tim De Waele


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- Cost saving
- Durable & always playable
Maintenance of Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass


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- Top layer
- Fibrillated fibres
- Unique line markings
Construction of Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass

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