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Speed is the key word in padel match and therefore movements should be fast and effective. Domo® Padel PE/M is a semi-sanded, very dense grass turf with texturized monofilament fibres. Thanks to the specific shape, the fibres remain in place, resulting in a stable playing surface with the perfect balance between grip and sliding. Domo® Padel PE/M assures a faster game with maximum safety where the professional player can give his best.

For advanced players


Domo® Sports Grass - Domo® Padel PE-M

Your advantages

Increased Ball Speed - Domo® Sports Grass

Increased Ball speed

Domo® Padel PE/M offers an increased ball speed with a uniform ball bounce on the whole surface.

Maximum comfort - Domo® Sports Grass

Maximum Comfort

The perfect balance between grip and slide offers a surface with maximum comfort for the sports players.

Durable - Domo® Sports Grass


Thanks to its thickness, density and polumerisation of the monofilament fibre, Domo® Padel PE/M is a durable playing surface.

Available in different colors - Domo® Sports Grass

Available in different colors

Domo® Padel PE/M is available in different colors (blue, green or Ferrari red).

Variously stitched - Domo® Sports Grass

Variously stitched

Domo® Padel PE/M is available with 220 st./lm or 270 st./lm.

Tested & approved

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