Domo Terraefill

Domo® Terraefill - Domo® Sports Grass

100% organic infill material for artificial grass

Domo® Terraefill is an environmentally friendly infill granulate that consists of 100% organic material. When filled into the matching artificial turf, Domo® Terraefill creates the perfect symbiosis with natural turf. Domo® Terraefill is highly UV & ageing resistant and has great water retention properties. 

Your advantages

Organic - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Terraefill is a special mixture of 100% organic plant material.

Biodegradable - Domo® Sports Grass


 Domo® Terraefill is a 100% biodegradable because of a high biological content.

Cool and odourless - Domo® Sports Grass

Cooler surface

Domo® Terraefill provides a cooler surface and is odourless.

Durable - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Terraefill is highly UV and ageing resistant and provides an excellent water drainage.

Approved - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Terraefill meets national and international requirements and standards.

Skin friendly - Domo® Sports Grass

Skin friendly

Domo® Terraefill reduces the risk of abrasion for the players.

Tested & approved

International standard FIFA Q and Q Pro*
Dutch standard NOCNSF-M37*

* Depending on the chosen specifications

We Care about you and the environment


CSR- Domo Sports Grass

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