We go for sustainable certifications and network engagements

With Domo® Sports Grass, you can count on a partner with valuable sustainable certifications within their environmental & social management system. Certificates in sustainability are the building blocks within our commitment to a greener future. They are the reward for our continuous efforts and provide transparency for you as a customer or stakeholder. 

In addition, we participate in several sustainable networks. We are committed to working with like-minded organisations, sharing knowledge and best practices with them in the field of sustainability.  Read more about all our certifications in sustainability and commitments below.

Certificates on the general management system

In recognition of our efforts within our overall management system, we are ISO certified. We have achieved the sustainable certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These certifications together with our Ecovadis Gold position are proof of our commitment to the highest standards.




Certificates on carbon reduction

The goal of the EU Green Deal regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is clear:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% ( vs 1990) by 2030
  • To be climate neutral by 2050.

CO2 became therefore a very important topic in our sector. Our ambition is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025. We want to achieve this goal with following actions:

  • Offering artificial grass made with biobased materials (sugar cane) 
  • Encouraging our colleagues to help with simple actions: turning off lights and appliances at the end of the working day, not leaving doors and windows open in winter, sorting waste, and making sustainable material choices.
  • Working on our own produced energy with solar panels supplemented by green electricity
  • CO2-reducing practices such as using 100% renewable energy, sustainable vehicles and LED lighting. 
  • Having a Climate Neutral Certified production by Climate Neutral Group: thanks to our CO2 reduction efforts in combination with supporting the *REDD+ Forest Conservation project in Brazil.




Certificates on creating circular economy

Our long-term goal is to completely eliminate waste and create value from it in both directions of the supply chain. To put this ambition into action, your football products can be made from ISCC Plus certified post-consumer recycled material on demand.




Certificates on Social Responsibility

Employees play a key role in our way of doing business. Their safety and well-being are prioritized. Our efforts earned us PSO and VCA/SCC certificates for social entrepreneurship in The Netherlands.




Sustainable Networks

To continuously improve and learn from our own and other sectors, we are members of the EMEA Synthetic Turf Council (ESTC) and have joined the sustainability network The Shift.




Why are certifications in sustainability and networks important?

Sustainable certifications and networks form the veritable spine of an organisation's commitment to environmentally and socially responsible business practices. These certificates act as a valuable badge of commitment to sustainability and transparency, allowing both internal and external stakeholders to see the organisation's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting positive social impact. At the same time, sustainability networks provide a platform for companies to share knowledge and resources, forge partnerships and develop joint initiatives to address global sustainability challenges. These certifications and networks are a crucial part of an organisation's efforts to fulfil its role as a responsible, sustainable business.

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How do we enable sustainability in our business and products?

We can no longer ignore it. Sustainability has become a critical issue within the synthetic turf industry. We need to be aware that the decisions we make today will affect future generations. Sustainability is now the standard within our business model. It is the basis for developing environmentally friendly artificial grass solutions.

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