A carefree artificial turf installation

Do you not have the right capacity to carry out the installation of your new artificial grass pitch? Or do you simply want to let professionals do it for you carefree? Domo® Sports Grass takes care of the entire installation of your sports pitch.  An artificial grass pitch installation includes the following activities, depending on what is required for your accommodation:

  • Delivering and unloading the artificial grass rolls
  • Rolling out the geo-textile and/or shockpad and the artificial grass
  • Preparing and creating the seams and the markings
  • Filling in the sand and performance infill
  • Final inspection of the pitch regarding installation and performance
  • Give instructions in relation to maintenance activities


What happens before installation?

In addition, before installing your artificial grass we do the following actions to guarantee a solid underground:

  • We check the suitability of your soil. Installation should be done on a clean soil. In case of pollution, we take the necessary actions.
  • We look at what drainage is needed for you. This depends on how much drainage is already present on site. We will analyse this in detail at the start of the installation.
  • We check which substructure is needed. In the case of renovation pitches, we will check on site whether the current substructure is sufficient.


A professional artificial grass installation team

The work is carried out by professional Belgian and international teams under the supervision of a Domo® Sports Grass construction foreman who is responsible for the final result. In this way we can guarantee you a perfect and correctly installed construction.

Did you know?

Our expertise allows us to take on the coordination of your entire project: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation to maintenance. Read here more how our project management service looks like. 

Our service do not stop after the installation of your artificial grass pitch. We assist you in managing the maintenance activities to keep your pitch in top condition. Read here more about our maintenance service.

Are you carrying out your own installation?

No problem for your professional team to handle the installation themselves. We have instruction guidelines available to help you carry out a correct artificial grass installation, but are also always available for personal advice

Feel free to ask us anything regarding installation before or even during installation.
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