We manage your entire artificial grass projects

The ambition of Domo® Sports Grass is to be more than just a manufacturer of artificial grass. We want to be your partner for complete artificial grass projects. Product advice and customer service are important aspects of our business model. That's why we coordinate your entire project: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation to maintenance. 

Our project management service includes following activities:
  • Planning: Thoroughly mapping out project milestones, timelines, and resource allocation.
  • Organisation: Efficiently coordinating various stakeholders, materials, and logistics to streamline project execution.
  • Quality monitoring: Provide guidance and oversight to ensure compliance with project scope, quality standards and regulatory requirements.

These activities ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget and within the scope of your municipality, association, or club.

Successfully completed projects

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Your partner for artificial turf projects

We manage your entire project: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation to maintenance.

Domo Sports Grass- Project Management

How we find your ideal sports system

Our daily challenge is to create the best sports fields. It is important to us that you find the sports system that suits you best. Firstly, your sports system must have the right playing properties, tailored to the needs of your players. Every foot movement, every ball bounce must feel natural to the players. Secondly, it must fit with the scope of your municipality, club or association. And thirdly, it must meet the sustainability requirements in your country or city. It all starts with making the right choices. With our experience and creativity, we provide you with comprehensive consulting services, project feasibility studies and identification of the most suitable system based on technical specifications and performance. Together we will always find the best application. 


Specialised services where we can assist

Are you managing your project independently, but still in need of an installation or maintenance partner? At Domo® Sports Grass, we offer also specialised services for installation and maintenance of your artificial sports field.  

Installation service

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Installation service - Domo Sports Grass

Maintenance service

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Maintenance service - Domo Sports Grass

All services

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All services - Domo Sports Grass

Feel free to ask us advice for your project

Reach out to us to kickstart your project with confidence. We are here to help you.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the five key steps in the planning and design of sports facilities?

Step 1 : Assessment

Conduct a thorough assessment to understand the requirements and preference of the community and sports players regarding artificial turf fields. This includes the type of sports field, type of players, anticipated to usage levels and any specific requirements for the facility.

Step 2 : Selection infrastructure

In this step, there is a careful consideration given to selecting the appropriate infrastructure for the sports facility: substructure, drainage, e-layer or shockpad, type of artificial grass and infill. 

Step 3 : Design development

In this phase there is the collaboration with stakeholders to develop a detailed design for installation of the sports facility with artificial turf. 

Step 4 : Financial planning and budgeting

A financial plan is drawn up to estimate the costs of purchasing materials and construction. 

Step 5 : Work plan and construction

A work plan with deadlines is drawn up for construction. Stakeholders are informed about this plan, permits are obtained, etc. After this administrative part is completed, works can start. The works are coordinated by a foreman who monitors planning, directs workmen and ensures that materials get to the site. 

By following these steps, owners of sports clubs or associations can be sure of getting a quality sports facility.

What is sports project management?

Sports project management in relation to Domo Sports Grass artificial turf involves overseeing the planning, installation, and maintenance of artificial turf surfaces for sports facilities. This includes assessing project needs, selecting appropriate materials, coordinating installation teams, ensuring quality control, and implementing maintenance schedules. Effective project management ensures that artificial turf projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet the performance and safety requirements of athletes and stakeholders.

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