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Why is a backing needed?

When producing an artificial turf, yarns are tufted in a so called tuft cloth. The artificial grass fibres are then secured in an underlayer, which is also called backing. The backing has two functions: on the one hand, to ensure the dimensional stability of the grass system and, on the other hand, to contribute to the anchoring of the synthetic grass fibres.

Discover our Domo® Infinitum backing, the next step to full ecological sports pitches:

What is the difference between Latex and Domo® Infinitum?

Characteristics Domo® Infinitum backing Latex backing
Sustainability 100% renewable in closed loop Recyclable in other products
Weight 500gr/m2 1000gr/m2
Pile anchorage Excellent Good
Elasticity Excellent Good
Colour White Black
Odour Odourless Odour when heated in sunlight
Application For all sports systems For all sports systems
Application Yarns All yarn types All yarn types
Bonding Excellent Excellent

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