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As part of our CSR policy, we have implemented a strong Environmental- Social Governance (ESG) programme. This is applied within each step of the production process for your sustainable artificial grass: from the supply chain, production, installation, all the way to end-of-life processing. You will also see more developments of new eco-friendly artificial grass from our side. As a customer, you will have a partner that makes commitments and alliances with organisations and networks that are engaged to protect the environment and society.

A self-regulated business model helps us to handle it in a responsible way. Especially in decision-making and business activities towards society and the environment. In our opinion, CSR is a continuous process. It is achieved by applying transparent and ethical behaviour. The most important aspect is to continuously monitor this and adjust where necessary.


Sustainable development goals

As an industry, it is our duty to work on sustainability to create a positive impact on the environment and society. Our goal is to keep innovating our business in a sustainable way. Both in terms of product innovation and process innovation, while continuing to invest in the skills of our employees. That is why we have chosen several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that will help us to continue our commitment to innovation. With regard to our Corporate Social Responsibility, we refer to the SDG where we believe we can play a role in the coming years.


Sustainability certifications

With Domo® Sports Grass, you can count on a sustainable partner with a valuable certified environmental & social management system. We integrate human rights, consumer interests and social, ethical and environmental issues into our operations and core strategy. For our efforts, we are ISO-certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and are rewarded with a golden medal from EcoVadis.

CO2 performance ladder certification is our next goal

Less CO2 - Domo Sports GrassThe goal of the EU Green Deal regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is clear:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 55% ( vs 1990) by 2030
  • To be climate neutral by 2050.

CO2 will become therefore a very important topic in our sector. To assess ourselves and keep improving ourselves, we decided to go for the CO2 performance ladder certificate.
Our ambition is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions with 25% by 2025

What are we doing to achieve our goal:

  • Encouraging our colleagues to help with simple actions: turning off lights and appliances at the end of the working day, not leaving doors and windows open in winter, sorting waste, and making sustainable material choices.
  • Working on our own produced energy with solar panels supplemented by green electricity
  • Gradually install LED lighting throughout our buildings
  • Moving towards more sustainable vehicles and equipment


Eco-friendly artificial grass & infill

Ecofriendly products - Domo Sports GrassWe ensure that all your products are at least recyclable. It is our vision to strive for the further development of artificial turf systems that are fully circular, water efficient and prevent the spread of microplastics through infill. We have developed our own eco-quality logos to guide you in choosing their suitable synthetic grass in relation to the environment.


Social responsibility

We do business properly and ethically. We are committed to applying the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.  We have also joined The Shift, the largest sustainability network in Belgium, and received PSO and VCA certificates for social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

We are also concentrating on providing a secure and healthy workplace for our employees. This way they can continue to grow and develop. This is done by giving training and learning on the job with a working buddy. We also have a social programme where we are (re)-integrating people into a job in the textile sector.


Better recycling

We are not only constantly working on high-quality, eco-friendly artificial grass systems, but also on the recycling process of a grass system. Our goal is to create a circular economy


Why is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) important?

It is well known that industry in general has a major impact on the environment. On the other hand, it has the greatest capacity to minimise its negative impact. Within the artificial turf industry, companies are mainly concerned with the perception of the synthetic turf product, as it is made of plastic. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) therefore plays an important role in the synthetic grass industry. A good CSR strategy can guide companies in their operations and product development to always make the most sustainable choices. Innovation is also an important factor. We see that the future of synthetic turf for sports is already very promising. The industry's commitment to sustainability, combined with the EU Green Deal and the upcoming ECHA ban on microplastics, will ultimately lead to better and more sustainable sports facilities for the environment, players and clubs.



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