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Artificial grass for rugby and american football pitches

The physical demands of both rugby and American football highlight the need for safe and durable pitches to maximise player safety and minimise injuries. Not only for player safety but also for ease of maintenance and wear and tear.

Artificial turf proves to be an ideal playing surface for these intensive sports, resisting heavy use and all-weather conditions. This versatility allows its use in both cold and warm climates. Moreover, artificial turf eliminates the need for mowing, fertilizing, or watering, saving time and money for rugby clubs, American football clubs and associations

Discover our range of artificial grass for ruby and american football pitches:

Reference sneak peak

Here is a glimpse of our projects for rugby and American football. For more references and details, visit our specific artificial turf product pages.

Certified sports pitches

Domo® Sports Grass is dedicated to excellence, working in collaboration with specialist labs like Labosport, ERCAT, and more. Our products meet the stringent standards of FIFA, UEFA, and other leading organizations, showcasing our expertise in selection, installation, and maintenance.

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Artificial grass pitches for rugby and American football aligned with sustainability

Our artificial turf pitches for rugby and American football meet the market's sustainability requirements perfectly. We are committed to ecological responsibility and long-term sustainability. Additionally, we are transitioning to a circular economy and offer options that fully comply with the ECHA microplastics ban.

Sustainable artificial grass products - Domo Sports Grass

Why choose Domo Sports Grass for your rugby or American football pitch?

Player-friendly:  Our product development prioritises player safety, emphasising significant shock absorption. The composition of our fibres, combined with innovative infill solutions, minimises the risk of injuries during play. 

Durability:  Tests demonstrate that the synthetic fibres used in our pitches are robust and durable. This makes them ideal for rugby and American football pitches subjected to high levels of play.

Sports authority approved:  Our pitches adhere to the stringent regulations set by the respective global governing bodies, such as World Rugby for rugby and relevant authorities for American football. They undergo thorough testing to meet the highest standards, ensuring player safety and performance.

Full service provider:  Besides helping you select the right artificial turf, we also offer guidance on the installation and maintenance of your turf pitch. Still looking for a partner to manage these tasks? Domo® Sports Grass provides a comprehensive range of services to take care of everything for you.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of using artificial grass for rugby and American football pitches?

Artificial turf provides a consistent playing surface, reduces maintenance costs, and remains durable in various weather conditions, ensuring more playtime throughout the year. Unlike natural grass pitches, which develop lumps, bumps, and holes over time, synthetic turf maintains a perfectly uniform height and thickness of every blade, ensuring consistent playing properties.

Are there different types of artificial grass for rugby and american football pitches?

Yes, the type of artificial grass depends on the needs of your club and players. The artificial grass pitches can vary in fibre type, pile height and infill materials. Contact us for advice to know which artificial grass type is most suitable for your new rugby or American football pitch. 

Are there any regulations or standards for artificial grass in rugby or American football?

Yes, artificial turf must meet specific standards set by governing bodies like FIFA or World Rugby. The artificial grass from Domo® Sports Grass meet these standards, ensuring you excellent performance, player safety and durability.

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