Your expert in high-performance artificial grass systems

From 1989 until now, Domo® Sports Grass has grown into your artificial grass expert. You can count on a team of experts to help you make the best choice in your sports facility: from the substructure, drainage, artificial grass, installation all the way up to maintenance.


That's why we are here for you

Domo® Sports Grass is the sports brand of Sports & Leisure Group. With Domo® Sports Grass, you have a partner that supplies sports accommodations for clubs, associations and municipalities all over the world. You can count on the ideal balance between top quality, high sporting performance and durability. For over 30 years, athletes all over the world have been getting the best out of themselves on Domo® Sports Grass sports accommodations.

Business Line Director Jean Willems - Domo Sports Grass

During my career as a professional hockey player and coach, I have seen the artificial grass market grow significantly. It is clear that innovation is an essential aspect in the business.
As Business Line Director of Domo® Sports Grass, I find it exciting to contribute to the ambition of creating the perfect playing surface and to keep improving it. The higher the playing comfort of our artificial grass, the more attractive we can make various sports disciplines.

Jean Willems

Business Line Director

Hockey player Dragons - Domo Sports Grass

Would you like to join the experience?

You can find installed artificial Domo® Sports Grass pitches in 84 countries worldwide. To date, more than 70 million m2 of artificial grass has been produced in Belgium, the heart of Europe. Well over 100 dedicated employees are working on the development, production and delivery of your artificial turf.  Thanks to our expertise we bring sport systems onto the market where performance, athletes and the environment are in perfect balance.

Our timeline

Time line 2022 - Domo Sports Grass

Top football player Kevin De Bruyne joins Sports & Leisure Group NV as investor.


Time line 2021 - Domo Sports Grass

Sun European Partners, a worldwide American Investment firm, acquires Sports & Leisure Group NV.


Time line 2020 - Domo Sports Grass

Landscape brand DOgrass joined Sports & Leisure Group NV with headquarters in Sint-Niklaas.


Time line 2019 - Domo Sports Grass

Sports & Leisure Group NV becomes one of the founding partners of GBN-Artificial Grass Recycling. GBN-AGR is an organisation that makes it possible to recycle artificial grass in a 100% circular manner. 


Time line 2017 - Domo Sports Grass

Chequers Capital, a French investment firm, acquires the Sports & Leisure Group NV.


Time line 2014 - Domo Sports Grass

The company name Domo® changes to Sports & Leisure Group NV.  Sports and Leisure Group NV offers internal and external brands a platform to design, manufacture and service artificial grass products.


Time line 2008 - Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Zele invests and moves the artificial grass production line to a new site in Sint-Niklaas. A completely renewed artificial grass plant is built with a surface exceeding more than 50,000 m². This 10 million euro investment turns Domo® Zele into the leading artificial grass manufacturer.


Time line 1999 - Domo Sports Grass

DOMO® Group acquires Cabrita Carpets in Zele. The company (Domo® Zele) produces contract carpet, carpet tiles and artificial grass for sports and landscape applications.


Time line 1989 - Domo Sports Grass

The company Cabrita Carpets starts a business line dedicated to artificial grass.


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