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The hockey game has changed a lot over the years. Players now have more training resources at their disposal than, say, 20 years ago. As a result, playing techniques have improved and the game has become much faster. This makes the quality of the surface even more important. A good grip is crucial. The behaviour of the ball should also be predictable, the bounce should always be at the same level. In addition, a levelled and even playing surface is required to ensure player safety and good technical play. 

Domo® Sports Grass offers a diverse range of artificial turf hockey pitch options tailored to the specific requirements of your hockey club. With over 35 years of experience, our main goal is to design hockey pitches that enhance and prioritise player satisfaction and enjoyment. Now the question arises: which artificial grass option best suits the needs of your players?


Reference sneak peak

Here is a taste of our hockey turf projects. For more references and details, visit our specific artificial turf product pages.

Certified hockey pitches

Domo® Sports Grass, recognised as a FIH Preferred supplier, to help ensure you good quality fields built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development. The FIH has developed an internationally recognized quality-assurance program - the FIH Quality Program for Hockey Turf. The program was launched as part of an initiative of the Hockey Revolution - FIH’s ten-year strategy for hockey.

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Water hockey pitches with focus on reducing water consumption

Our water-saving artificial turf football pitches precisely align with the sustainability standards of the industry. We are dedicated to ecological responsibility and long-term sustainability.

Domo Ultimate Pro - Water saving hockey pitch - Domo Sports Grass

Why choose Domo Sports Grass for your artificial hockey pitch?

High performance: With a Domo® Sports Grass hockey pitch, every hockey club can give its players the best possible performance. Whether you need a fast water pitch or a resilient all-weather sand pitch, we can accommodate for players of all abilities.

Water-saving technology: Looking for a water pitch but concerned about water usage? Domo® Sports Grass provides a water-based pitch that conserves up to 70% of water and is diligently developing dry hockey pitches with an equivalent playing experience to water-based pitches.

Proven top quality: Our products support the development of top teams. Many top clubs in Belgium play on a Domo® Sports Grass hockey pitch. Did you know that we are proud partners of the Red Lions and the Red Panthers? 

Full service provider: In addition to selecting the artificial turf, you can also rely on us for guidance regarding the installation and upkeep of your artificial turf pitch. Still searching for a partner to manage these tasks? Domo Sports Grass provides a range of services to handle this entirely for you.

Frequently asked questions

Why is there water on a hockey pitch?

It is the surface of choice for professional hockey players and competitions. The presence of water reduces friction, increasing the speed and consistency of ball movement, resulting in a smooth and fast game.

Do water based hockey pitches freeze?

Basically, our artificial grass products are frost-resistant. The fibres we use are made of polyethylene (PE), which is well frost-resistant. Older fibre types such as polypropylene (PP) and polyamide (PA) are more sensitive to frost, though. Dry frost is not a problem for artificial hockey pitches and their playability. In principle, a frozen artificial turf pitch is slightly harder, but at least smoother than a natural grass pitch. Frost combined with high humidity and/or precipitation can cause problems for the playability of artificial grass pitches (frost, hoarfrost, snow). If this is the case, we advise against playing on it in function of the preservation of your hockey pitch and safety for the players.

How do you clean a hockey field?

First, it is important to use the hockey surface correctly. This means:

  • Walk on the pitch with appropriate and clean footwear
  • Do not allow chewing gum or other food on the pitch
  • Do not smoke on the fields
  • No vehicles are allowed on the pitch, expect for specific maintenance

Following these points above will make cleaning less intensive and more efficient. Maintenance activities are:

  • Removing stains, canteen litter and organic waste
  • Brushing the surface to prevent formation of algae and bacteria
  • Checking carpet and seams 
  • Keep the surrounding area neat and tidy

Of course, there are even more extensive maintenance tasks to be carried out by a maintenance team. Do you need a partner for this? Feel free to contact us for more information on our services.

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