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To guarantee top performance, a hockey pitch needs to be perfectly leveled, offer sufficient grip, and ensure an even ball roll. In addition, the pitch has to be durable. Hockey is a demanding sport, not only for the players but also for the pitch. That is why we at Domo® Sports Grass make it our quest to create the perfect playing surface. The higher the playing comfort of our artificial grass, the more attractive we can make the sport.


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Continuously pushing the boundaries of our product portfolio, we work closely with a variety of specialized labs, including Labosport, ERCAT, Sport Labs, ISP, KIWA-ISA sport and PST. Doing so provides us with the highest level of accreditations and certificates from national and international sports associations and federations such as FIFA, UEFA, FIH and ITF.

Ensuring the sustainability, affordability and accessibility of hockey turfs worldwide. A new hockey field is a major investment and it is therefore important that it meets the expectations of hockey players, associations and clubs.

To help ensure good quality fields are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development, the FIH has developed an internationally recognized quality-assurance program - the FIH Quality Program for Hockey Turf. The program was launched as part of an initiative of the Hockey Revolution - FIH’s ten-year strategy for hockey.
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