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Performance infill - Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® performance infill

The latest generation of artificial grass systems for soccer, rugby and American football contain performance infill products to raise the systems performance. These special granules ensure the playing comfort is raised and helps to reduce the risk of injuries through shock absorption or rotational resistance. Domo® performance infill materials meet the strictest requirements in order to guarantee the best possible playing surfaces.

Discover our product range of Domo® performance infill materials:

Next to Domo® TerraefillDomo® Naturafill and Domo® Durasoft, Domo® Sports Grass also distributes following performance infill materials:


Product Material Grain size Colour
Domo® Terraefill Special mixture of 100% organic plant material 0,5 - 3,15mm Brown, various shades
Domo® Naturafill Special treated cork 1 - 2mm


Domo® Durasoft TPE Special treated 1,0 - 3,15mm Green / brown
EPDM EPDM 0,5 - 2,0mm Green / brown
RPU SBR (ELT), PU coated 0,5 - 2,0mm Green / brown
SBR SBR (ELT) 0,5 - 3,0mm Black
Domo® Terraefill - Domo® Sports Grass


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