Performance infill for artificial grass pitches

Performance infill - Domo® Sports Grass

Performance infill material for football and rugby pitches

The 3G generation of artificial turf for football, rugby and American football contains performance infill materials in addition to sand to enhance the performance of the system. Domo® Sports Grass offers both natural and synthetic performance infill. The type of infill material depends on several factors. You need to consider the type of artificial turf you are using, the purpose of the use, and your personal preferences

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The difference between different performance infills

Discover in this table differences between the different kinds of performance infills Domo Sports Grass offers for your artificial grass football, rugby or American football pitch: 

Product Material Grain size Colour
Domo® Terraefill Special mixture of 100% organic plant material 0,5 - 3,15mm Brown, various shades
Domo® Naturafill 100% high- performance cork 1 - 2mm

Natural cork colour

Domo® Durasoft 100% TPE  1,8 - 2,5mm Green / brown
EPDM EPDM (New rubber) 0,5 - 2,0mm Various
RPU SBR (ELT), PU coated 1,0 - 2,0mm Dark green
SBR SBR (ELT) 0,5 - 2,5mm Black

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How is infill used?

Performance infill is used in the space between the individual blades of synthetic turf. It improves the overall performance and durability of the artificial turf. There are different types of performance infill materials including natural and synthetic qualities. Sand with rubber infill is the best-known type of infill, but natural infill, particularly cork infill, is currently the most widely used infill material.

These special granules ensure the playing comfort is raised and helps to reduce the risk of injuries through shock absorption or rotational resistance. Domo® performance infill materials meet the necessary requirements to guarantee the best playing surfaces. The type of performance infill material for artificial grass pitches you need depends on various factors. You must consider the type of artificial turf being used, the purpose of the usage, and your personal preferences.

Raise the playing comfort for your players

With DOMO SPORTS GRASS performance infill

Performance Infill - Domo Sports Grass

Artificial grass without performance infill (non-infill)

There are also alternatives on the market where you do not need any performance infill to reach top performances. These are the so-called non-infill artificial grass pitches, also known as the 4G and 5G pitches. For extra stability, there is the option to add sand, depending on your wishes and local regulations. The absence of performance infill makes the artificial grass easier to recycle and more maintenance friendly. 


Frequently asked questions

What is the best infill for artificial turf?

The best choice of infill for your artificial grass depends on your needs and requirements. It has to fit with the properties of your artificial grass type, with your players and with your geographical location. 

There are a several performance infill materials on the market you can choose from. As well synthetic as natural infill materials. Synthetic infill materials consist of different types of plastic (TPP or EPDM) or rubber (RPU or SBR) for artificial turf. They provide exceptional support and stability for the players, as well as improved drainage and long-term durability. Natural infill is available in materials such as cork, wood particles (Brockfill) or olive pits. 

Domo® Sports Grass offers Domo® Naturafill, special high-performance cork granuales that prevent the spread of microplastics as an answer to ECHA’s future ban on microplastics. The colour in combination with the material provides an odour-free with low energy restitution.  Another alternative is Domo® Terraefill which consists of 100% organic material. Domo® Terraefill is highly has great water retention properties which creates a cooler playing surface
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Is infill necessary for artificial grass?

This depends on the type of artificial turf. With 3G artificial turf, you need sand and performance infill to achieve playing that allow play athletes to perform at their best. There are now 4G and 5G pitches, known as non-infills, which do not require performance infill to achieve excellent playing characteristics. Do you prefer non-infill fields? Then discover our Domo® Champion Ascari 4G/M and Domo® Champion Ascari 5G non-infill qualities.

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