Cork infill for synthetic turf

Domo® Naturafill cork infill for synthetic turf - Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® Naturafill 100% pure natural cork infill

Domo® Naturafill is a unique 100% organic performance infill material made from high-performance granulated cork from the cork oak tree. It offers an environmentally friendly alternative to prevent the spread of microplastics from rubber infill. Domo® Naturafill is also a good choice for players thanks to its lower restitution value and high shock absorption.

Your advantages

Totally organic - Domo® Sports Grass

100% organic

Domo® Naturafill cork infill for synthetic turf is a 100% organic performance infill material.

Recycling - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Naturafill cork granules are 100% recyclable, with no loss of quality and no creation of waste by-products.

Cooler field - Domo® Sports Grass

Cooler & Flame redardant

A sports pitch with Domo® Naturafill is 30% cooler than a pitch with rubber infill. The cork infill material is flame retardant.

Odourless - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Naturafill is completely odourless and does not spread smells during warm and sunny weather.

Low energy resitution - Domo® Sports Grass

Low energy restitution

The lower energy restitution value makes Domo® Naturafill less stressful for tendons and joints.

Long-lasting shock absorption - Domo® Sports Grass

Long-lasting shock absorption.

Domo® Naturafill guarantees long-lasting shock absorption.

Tested & approved

International standard FIFA Q and Q Pro*
European standard EN 15330-1*
French standard NFP90-112*
Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15*

* Depending on the chosen specifications

We go for pure nature


CSR cork infill for synthetic turf- Domo® Sports Grass


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