Domo Naturafill

Domo® Naturafill - Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® Naturafill

Domo® Naturafill System is a unique organic performance infill material, which is composed of 100% high-performance cork that comes from the cork oak tree. When the harvested oak begins to regenerate its cork, the tree will absorb up to 10 times as much CO2 from the atmosphere, which is good for the environment


Totally organic - Domo® Sports Grass

Pure nature

Domo® Naturafill is a unique organic performance infill material composed of 100% high-performance cork.

Recycling - Domo® Sports Grass

100% Recyclable

Domo® Naturafill is 100% recyclable, it suffers no quality loss and does not lead to waste by-products.

Cooler field - Domo® Sports Grass


A sport pitch with Domo® Naturafill performance infill is 30% cooler than a pitch with rubber infill.

Odourless - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Naturafill is completely odourless and does not produce smells during warm and sunny days.

Low energy resitution - Domo® Sports Grass

Low energy restitution

Thanks to the lower energy resitution value of the high-performance cork, Domo® Naturafill is less stressful for tendons and joints.

Long-lasting shock absorption - Domo® Sports Grass

Long-lasting shock absorption.

Domo® Naturafill guarantees a long-lasting shock absorption.

International standard FIFA Q and Q Pro*
European standard EN 15330-1*
French standard NFP90-112*
Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15*

* Depending on the chosen specifications


Domo Naturafill  - Domo Sports Grass

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