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Champion Ascari 5G pitch Infinitum artificial football grass- Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G renewable non-infill grass

Your choice: only sand infill or 100 procent non-infill - Domo® Sports GrassDomo® Champion Ascari 5G pitch is the latest generation of artificial grass for football pitches without infill. No sand or performance infill is needed to achieve top performances. For extra stability, you can choose to add sand, but this is optional.

The absence of infill ensures a maintenance-friendly surface. Domo® Champion Ascari 5G pitch is produced as standard with the Domo® Infinitum (PE) backing. This makes the artificial turf system fully recyclable in a closed circuit. The backing guarantees strong adhesion of the fibres and seams, resulting in excellent pile anchoring. 


Why developed?

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G pitch was developed to counteract the discussion around and the possible future ban of plastic infill material. This without loss in performance and 100% renewable.

Domo Champion Ascari 5G - 3D detail - Domo Sports Grass
Exceptional ball behaviour

  • The very dense support yarns ensure optimal grip and shock absorption.
  • In contrast, the open HELIFLEX lawn yarn offers an exceptionally natural ball roll and ball bounce.

The density of the artificial football turf ensures a good position of the foot during play. This results in a joint- and tendon-friendly playing surface with minimal risk of injury.

Closed-loop recycling

100 procent renewable - Domo Sports GrassDomo® Champion Ascari 5G pitch is provided with Domo® Infinitum. This is an innovative backing that guarantees a latex- and polyurethane-free covering, recognisable by its white colour.

The installation happens with a special hot-melt tape and a specific installation tool so that the material remains 100% PE. This makes the Domo® Champion Ascari 5G synthetic turf completely renewable at the end of its service life. The used artificial grass for the football pitch can be processed into new synthetic fibres, which in turn can be used to produce new synthetic turf.

Your advantages

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G pitch - Natural ball bounce - Domo® Sports Grass

Natural ball bounce

The open top layer ensures a natural ball roll and ball bounce.

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G - Excellent grip- Domo® Sports Grass

Excellent grip

The combination of the support fibre and the lawn yarn provides your players with excellent grip and foot positioning.

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G - Extreme durability - Domo® Sports Grass

Extreme durabability

Durably stable fibres and seams thanks to the strength of the fused Domo® Infinitum

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G - No spread of infill- Domo® Sports Grass

No spread of infill

No spreading of infill around the football pitch. Reduces the maintenance activities.

Domo® Champion Ascari 5G - Renewable in closed loop - Domo® Sports Grass

Renewable in closed loop

 100% renewable due to Domo® Infinitum. Installed with special hot-melt tape and installation tool, ensuring the material remains 100% PE.

Tested & Approved

European standard EN 15330-1*
German standard DIN and RAL*
French standard NFP90-112*

* Depending on the chosen specifications.

Your entirely renewable sports pitch


Domo Champion Ascari 5G is entirely renewable - Domo Sports Grass

Make your 5G system complete

We offer additional services to complete your artificial football pitch Domo® Champion Ascari 5G on the level of easy maintenance and carefree installation.

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