Domo Infinitum

Domo® Infinitum - Domo® Sports Grass

The next step to full ecological sports pitches

100 procent renewable - Domo® Sports GrassIt is time for a new generation of artificial grass sports pitches.

Domo® Sports Grass is happy to announce that from now on we also offer sports pitches with Domo® Infinitum. This is an new and innovative backing that guarantees a latex- and polyurethane-free covering, which is recognisable by its white colour.

Thanks to Domo® Infinitum, it is possible to recycle the entire synthetic turf system in a closed circuit without any loss in quality or strength. A used synthetic turf with Domo® Infinitum will be recycled into new synthetic fibres that will be used for the production of synthetic turf.

Don’t create loss, create long life value!



Closed loop - Domo® Sports Grass

Closed loop

Grass systems are totally renewable into new raw materials, in this case new synthetic fibres.

Strong, light & flexible - Domo® Sports Grass

Strong, light & flexible

The weight and thickness of the material offers a light and flexible turf but with outstanding strength.

Excellent pile anchorage - Domo® Sports Grass

Excellent pile anchorage

The strength of the Domo Infinitum material results in an excellent and better pile anchorage which leads to a better resilience of the fibre.

Easy installation - Domo® Sports Grass

Easy installation

Thanks to the combination of its white colour and lighter weight, cutting artificial grass during installation will be much easier.

CO2 reduction - Domo® Sports Grass

CO2 reduction

CO2 will be reduced in the production & logistic process of artificial grass pitches produced with this new backing.

Positive impact natural resources - Domo® Sports Grass

Positive impact natural resources

The use of Domo® Infinitum has a positive impact on the consumption of natural resources.

Because the only way is to do it together

We are proud to be able to set the course for the development of totally recyclable sports pitches in closed loop. Together with GBN - Artificial Grass Recycling we are able to make this possible. We hope the entire sector will jump on board to preserve and improve the environment.
Domo® Infinitum - Domo® Sports Grass

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