Domo Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra

Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra - product - Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra

Domo® Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra pitches are so-called semi-water pitches. The specific curl of the monofilament yarn ensures that the ball is literally 'carried' by the fibres. This alows the player to execute the same technical skills as on a water based pitch.


Consitent ball roll - Domo Sports Grass

Consistent ball roll

Offering a consistent ball roll and ball bounce, these pitches approach the superior play experience of water pitches.

Strong pile anchorage - Domo Sports Grass

Strong pile anchorage

Domo® Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra has a very strong pile anchorage.


Tested & approved

FIH National-certificate*

* Depending on the chosen specifications

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