Domo Ultimate Pro

Domo Ultimate Pro

Domo® Ultimate Pro

Domo® Ultimate Pro is the absolute flagship in the Domo® Sports Grass hockey range. Featuring our innovative and patent pending Aqua Saving System, Domo® Ultimate Pro offers a series of benefits and guarantees unparalleled playing comfort.

The Aqua Saving System enables the pitch to autonomously control its water content. The pitch remains optimally wet throughout the game, regardless of the weather conditions. The combination of the unique PE/ASBF fibers retain the water for a longer period of time and therefore drastically reduce the water consumption.


Lower water consumption - Domo® Sports Grass

Lower water consumption

Domo® Ultimate Pro has a lower water consumption because it autonomously regulates the water content.

Maximum agility - Domo® Sports Grass

Maximum agility

Domo® Ultimate Pro perfectly absorbs every player and ball movement and allows for maximum agility.

Exceptionally fast - Domo® Sports Grass

Exceptionally fast

Domo® Ultimate Pro offers an exceptionally fast and consistent ball roll.


Tested & approved

FIH Global certificate*

* Depending on the chosen specifications

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