Water-Saving hockey field

Domo Ultimate Pro - Water Saving hockey field - Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Ultimate Pro - Fast and Water-Saving Hockey Field

Domo® Ultimate Pro is the absolute flagship of the Domo® Sports Grass hockey range. It is a wet pitch featured with specific water-saving artificial grass fibres. The water pitch offers unparalleled playing comfort for professional hockey players, with minimum water consumption. Tournaments played on Domo® Ultimate Pro are extremely fast and dynamic. Fun for the players, excitement for the crowd.

Why developed?

Field hockey pitches have not changed much over the years. For professional hockey, these are still water-based pitches. The evolution is more in the ecological area whereby excess water consumption becoming a crucial factor in the sport of hockey. The development of Domo® Ultimate Pro makes it possible to continue playing professional hockey on a water-based pitch with minimum water consumption.

Your advantages

Domo Ultimate Pro - Lower water consumption - Domo® Sports Grass

Lower water consumption

Domo® Ultimate Pro hockey pitch has a lower water consumption because it autonomously regulates the water content.

Domo Ultimate Pro - Maximum agility - Domo® Sports Grass

Maximum agility

Domo® Ultimate Pro perfectly absorbs every player and ball movement and allows for maximum agility.

Domo Ultimate Pro - fast game - Domo® Sports Grass

Exceptionally fast

Domo® Ultimate Pro offers an exceptionally fast and consistent ball roll.

Tested & approved

FIH Global certificate*

* Depending on the chosen specifications

A highly talented team deserves a high- performance sports pitch


Domo Ultimate Pro - field Hockey pitch wet - Domo Sports Grass

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Make your Domo® Ultimate Pro Complete

Check out the multiple options we offer to complete your hockey pitch Domo® Ultimate Pro. This happens in the aspects: of easy maintenance and carefree installation. Make your choice and we will handle it.

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