Domo Slide DS Plus

Domo® Slide DS - product - Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Slide DS Plus has been specially developed to offer the best in “high touch comfort”. The yarn feels soft and provides a particularly comfortable playing surface. Thanks to the 320 μm thick fiber, it is an extremely high-performance product with a good wear resistance. A top-of-the-line product with an excellent price / quality ratio.


Sliding friendly - Domo® Slide DS - Domo® Sports Grass

Slide friendly

Very sliding-friendly thanks to the structure of the fibre.

Wear resistance - Domo® Slide DS - Domo® Sports Grass

Good wear resistance

Good wear resistance thanks to the 320 μm thick fiber.

Budget friendly - Domo® Slide DS - Domo® Sports Grass


Budget-friendly and high performing product with excellent price quality.


Tested & approved

International standard FIFA Q*
European standard EN 15330-1*
German standard DIN and RAL*
French standard NFP90-112*
Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15*

* Depending on the chosen specifications


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