Domo Duraforce XSL used for socially responsible project in Rome

On 26 February, the multifunctional sports centre "Valentina Venanzi" was opened in Corviale, Rome. This was realised under a social project aimed at young people living in an area further away from the labour markets and lower chances on higher education.

The project's so-called "miracle fields" provide educational and pedagogical activities for young people and families who are on a path of integration. The inauguration of this important social project was led by Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

Domo® Duraforce XSL

Domo® Duraforce XSL was installed as the artificial grass football pitch. This pitch has already proved its quality with both amateur and professional football clubs. The pitch has a very beautiful and natural appearance thanks to the mix of different shades of green. The artificial grass feels soft, which increases the playing comfort and "sliding-friendliness". In short, the ideal balance between wear resistance and comfort. This makes it the ideal playing surface for this project, as it can be played on by anyone and is multifunctional.

Long-term partnership

Pdp Srl was our partner in this project. They believe in the quality of our Domo® Sports Grass collection. The strong Environmental-Social-Governance program of Domo® Sports Grass also convinced our partner Pdp Srl that our products are most suitable for social projects like this. Together, we formed a successful team in the realisation of this social project.

Domo® Sports Grass is proud to be part of this social project in Rome. The aim is to continue improving our environmental and social management. This goes hand in hand with a focus on product quality and service to you, the customer.


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