A gold medal for Domo Sports Grass

Those who work hard are rewarded for it. Domo® Sports Grass has been working hard for many years to improve their sustainability policy and ecological products. And the results are impressive. Thanks to our sustainability efforts, we rate among the top 3% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in our industry. For this achievement we were rewarded with a gold medal.

A sustainable rating tool

EcoVadis is an online assessment platform that evaluates companies on their sustainability management. They measured the quality of our sustainability management by assessing our policies, actions and results around sustainability and gave each aspect a score according to our efforts on these aspects. The aspects on which EcoVadis carried out the assessment are environment, social aspect, ethical procedures and supply chain.

Ecological products

The goal of Domo® Sports Grass is to bring high-quality sports systems onto the market where performance, athletes and the environment are in perfect balance. For football systems we developed 100% natural infill materials and together with our fibre technologies, we are able to prevent the loss of infill as much as possible. For hockey we developed a system where we can reduce the water consumption up to 70% and with Pureti we contribute to the improvement of air quality.

Sustainable business

As an industry it is our duty to include sustainability in each step of our production process. From R&D, supply chain, production, installation, all the way to end-of-life processing. We focus now on developing products making closed-loop recycling possible when a synthetic turf has come to the end of its life cycle. Our factory is equipped with the latest technology to produce in an efficient way with as little waste as possible. Our suppliers are selected carefully and we constantly encourage them in the area of sustainability. Moreover diversity is very important, we offer language courses and technical trainings to people who are further away from the labour market. 

We are proud that our efforts make a difference in our industry. This gold medal is a nice recognition for our company and it motivates us to continue and improve our sustainability policy.

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