New Domo Padel MST Dynamic Blue: Elegance and comfort together in one padel court

The sport of padel has seen an upturn in popularity, with many enthusiasts joining the sport and professional competitions like the World Padel Tour and Premier Padel Series emerging.

The padel hype led to a veritable boom in building padel clubs, with both enthusiast and professional clubs, as well as tennis clubs, adding padel courts. It soon became clear that recreational and professional clubs have different needs, leading to the development of various types of artificial padel courts.

The newest artificial padel court of Domo® Sports Grass: 
Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue 


“Elevate your game, embrace the elegance” is the slogan that embodies Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue. This latest padel grass quality is particularly notable for its unique blue colour and ribbed fibre structure.

The great advantage of Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue is the high playing comfort for the padel player. The padel court has excellent shock-absorbing properties, which drastically reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, tests show that Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue guarantees consistent performance both wet and dry. This marked advantage distinguishes it from other padel grass surfaces.


Sales Director Spain - Jesus Caton Villarroya

When developing the Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue, our goal was to create something truly unique and innovative. We developed a special fibre designed to improve players' comfort and performance, and the special blue colour of the padel grass adds a fresh touch that makes it stand out. We are very proud of the effort and dedication our team has put into the development of this padel grass product. We hope that this padel court will meet the expectations of both players of all levels and clubs and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Jesús Catón Villarroya - Sales Director Spain

Key considerations: What matters to Players and Clubs

When developing Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue, we asked ourselves two essential questions: 
"What is most important to padel players and clubs?" and 
"How can Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue meet their needs?"


For the padel players

For padel players, fun, comfort, and the ability to improve their skills are invaluable. With Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue, we put an emphasis on playing comfort, resulting in more fun and the opportunity for players to refine their techniques. Whether for recreational players seeking relaxation or competitive players striving for perfection, it is essential that the artificial padel court provides an environment that promotes both enjoyment and performance.


For the padel club

For padel clubs, attracting players and maintaining facilities efficiently is crucial. The semi-texturised monofilament fibres of Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue create an open artificial padel grass surface, making filling with sand easier and reducing rapid compaction. The vibrant blue colour gives your padel court a fresh look and will undoubtedly attract new players. Moreover, the performance of the court remains consistent in both dry and wet weather conditions.


In a nutshell, the introduction of the Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue sets new standards in padel court elegance, comfort, and performance. Whether you are a passionate player striving to improve, a club looking to attract new members, or a tournament organiser looking to offer an unforgettable experience, this innovative padel court will meet all your expectations. Together, we can improve the sport of padel with this new innovative padel court.

Elevate your game, embrace the elegance

Experience unparalleled playing comfort, impress your players and audience with the elegance and playing speed of Domo® Padel MST Dynamic Blue pitch. Perfect for both recreational and competitive players.

Domo Padel MST Dynamic Blue artificial padel court

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