Domo Topspin Ultra

Topspin Ultira- Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® Topspin Ultra

Domo® Topspin Ultra is a sand-dressed turf with a very dense pile pattern, consisting of texturized monofilaments. It creates a high-speed terrain for experienced players. Thanks to the specific shape, the fibers remain in place which results in a stable playing surface and a lower sand filling rate.

The fibres of Domo® Topspin Ultra are high UV-resistant and remain soft. This means that the pitch can be played on at any time, all year round.


Good Slide Resistance- Domo® Sports Grass

Good slide resistance

Domo® Topspin Ultra offers a good slide resistance in all weather conditions.

Always playable - Domo® Sports Grass

Always playable

Domo® Topspin Ultra is always playable, all year round, even after heavy rain or extreme heat.

Multifunctional - Domo® Sports Grass


Domo® Topspin Ultra is suitable for all-round recreational purposes.

Durable- Domo® Sports Grass


Thanks to an optimal combination of thickness, density and polymerisation of the fibres, Domo Topspin Ultra offers a durable playing surface.


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