A Domo Sports Grass pitch with a view

After 10 years it was time to renew the pitch, the existing one has done its duty for football club Víkingur Gøta, currently playing in the Faroe Island Premier League. The club goes for top technical performances and therefore chose our Domo® VarioSlide S Pro with Domo® Naturafill, a system specially developed for top clubs. 

The project has a special location, in a fjord and with a stunning view on a mountain. This impressive natural phenomenon made us again very aware of the importance of preserving nature. Domo® VarioSlide S Pro together with Domo® Naturafill is therefore an excellent choice. It offers the club exceptional technical playing properties and is part of our corporate goal to protect the environment.

Why Domo® Naturafill?

Domo® Naturafill is a performance material that is composed of 100% high performance cork. As it is completely organic, it is 100% recyclable and does not lead to waste by-products. Thanks to its very low energy restitution value, Domo® Naturafill is less stressful for tendons and joints and has a long-lasting shock absorption.

Why Domo® VarioSlide S Pro?

Domo® VarioSlide S Pro creates a high-tech sports pitch thanks to the combination of HELIFLEX monofilaments and cross-linked MONOTAPE fibres.

  • The HELIFLEX monofilament fibre has a very special helical profile which, thanks to its ultimate resilience, gives the ball a very natural behaviour comparable to a natural grass pitch.
  • The cross-linked MONOTAPE fibre holds the infill in place, preventing it from being displaced during play or rinsed away after rain or snow. This results in an ecologic & maintenance friendly, nice and even surface.

Re-use of shockpad

What we did not renew was the shockpad of which was still in excellent condition. But preserving the shockpad was a real challenge, it had to be completely removed from the field (otherwise it would have been blown away) and then reinstalled to be used again. It was not an easy thing to do, but thanks to the good cooperation with the municipality, we were able to do an excellent job.  

We are convinced that the talents of Football club Víkingur Gøta are able to develop their full potential on their brand new football pitch and we wish them lots of success. And the most important thing: to have fun!

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