Domo Sports Grass on world padel tour

Our slogan "Everyone into padel with Domo® Sports Grass" was made clear last weekend in Mexico. Top players from all over the world gave the best of themselves on the padel court.

We are proud to have made our contribution to the World Padel Tour 2021 season with our Domo® Padel PE/M as the official padel lawn. The WPT CDMX Open took place in Mexico City between December 1 and 5 with 96 couples that participated. Alejandro Ruiz (Spain) and Franco Stupaczuk (Argentina) were able to place themselves as the rightful winners of WPT 2021. They defeated Paquito Navarro (Spain) and Martín Di Nenno (Argentina) in the finals with  6-3, 3-6 and 6-2. Our sincere congratulations to the winners and to all other participants as well.

What made our padel grass the perfect court?

The secret lies in the shape of the very dense texturized monofilament fibres. Thanks to this technology you get a stable playing surface where players are able to create a more quicker and dynamic game and with a maximum of safety. In other words: fun for the players, excitement for the crowd.

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