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Padel PE/M padel artificial grass turf - product - Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® Padel PE/M - Fast padel turf with maximum comfort

Domo® Padel PE/M is a semi-sanded artificial grass turf. This quality offers a durable surface with maximum comfort, safety for padel players and an increased ball speed. We can therefore call this padel artificial turf the ideal sports pitch for professional fast training sessions, or for use in tournaments, such as the World Padel Tour.

Your advantages

Fast game - Domo® Sports Grass

Increased Ball speed

Domo® Padel PE/M artificial grass turf offers a fast game due to the increased ball speed with a uniform ball bounce on the whole surface.

Maximum comfort - Domo® Sports Grass

Maximum Comfort

The perfect balance between grip and slide offers a surface with maximum comfort for sports players.

Durable - Domo® Sports Grass


Thanks to its thickness, density and polymerisation of the monofilament fibre, Domo® Padel PE/M artificial grass pitch is a durable playing surface.

Available in different colors - Domo® Sports Grass

Available in different colors

Domo® Padel PE/M artificial turf is available in different colours (blue, green or Ferrari red).

Variously stitched - Domo® Sports Grass

Variously stitched

Domo® Padel PE/M is available with 220 st./lm or 270 st./lm.


Tested & approved

• Spanish standard UNE 147301:2018
testé par IBV

* Depending on the chosen specifications

Fun for players, excitement for the crowd


Domo® Sports Grass - Domo® Padel PE-M

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Make your Domo Padel PE/M complete

We offer multiple options to complete your artificial padel court Domo® Padel PE/M. This happens through various aspects: environmental friendliness, carefree installation and easy maintenance. Take your pick, and we'll take care of it.

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