FACHFORUM 2020: Sustainability in sports facility construction

FACHFORUM 2020: Sustainability in sports facility construction

For the 7th time in a row, Domo Sports Grass organized 2 training events on the sustainability in sports facility construction. The first event was held on the 5th of March at the premises of FC Lokomotive Leipzig e.V. and the second event was organized the 12th of March at TSC Eintracht Dortmund 1848/1895.

Both events were recognized by the Chambers of Architects as educational seminars and could count on many attendees who followed the various presentations with great interest. 

During the coffee breaks, the participants were welcomed in the exhibitor area and after lunch there were field visits on the state-of-the-art sports picthes (both, football and hockey) which are in use at these clubs. Furthermore, a demonstration of professional maintenance of synthetic grass pitches has been given as well. The following is a selection from the programme that Domo Sports Grass and its partners had put together:

  • Conversion from barn floor to synthetic turf
  • ECHA point of view on the topic of primary discharge of microplastics
  • Synthetic-free infill for artificial turf (football) and the necessary yarn systems therefore
  • News from the world of standards in particular Germanys newly published sports field standard DIN 18035-7:2019-12
  • Water saving yarn developments (especially for waterbased hockey pitches)
  • Recycling of synthetic turf - possibilities of material recovery and renewed feeding into production cycles
  • DOMO Pureti tech grass breaks down NOx - and methane - inner-city air improvement through artificial turf, without any algae and moss issues (WORLD EXCLUSIVITY)
  • International Sports Facilities and Stadium Projects
  • State-of-the-art LED floodlighting systems and possibilities of funding
  • Tours through the impressive stadiums right next to the event location and visited training pitches :
    • Bruno-Plache-Stadion Leipzig: Europe´s oldest tribune contstruction out of wood and home of 1. FC Lok Leipzig
    • Signal-Iduna-Park: Germany´s biggest football stadium (capacity > 80.000) and home of Borussia Dortmund

Domo Sports Grass would like to explicitly thank its partners for their cooperation in these very successful training events: