Domo® Fast Play in our backyard

It is almost in the backyard of our office in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. AMHC Apeldoorn has been able to play on the Domo® Fast Play water-based pitch with Pureti since this summer. An excellent choice for the hockey players' technical development and high maintenance-friendliness for the club.  

AMHC Apeldoorn has the ambition to become the most attractive club in the Netherlands. For several years, the hockey club had been hunkering to upgrade pitch 3 at Sports park Orderbos, owned by Stichting Kunstgras Orderbos (SKO), into a fully water-based pitch. The existing artificial turf pitch was installed in 1997 and thus in urgent need of replacement. To financially support this renovation, the club had set up a fundraising where hockey fans could donate. From the fact that the players put their new Domo® Fast Play water-based pitch into use at the start of the hockey season, we can conclude from this that the fundraising was definitely a success (apeldoornsemhc, s.d.).

Transparent cooperation

According to Domo® Sports Grass project manager Wilbert Hogeweij, the cooperation with Stichting Kunstgras Orderbos was great: "It was easy to discuss any changes and minor adjustments". Stichting Kunstgras Orderbos was very involved, which meant that things could always be switched quickly. This project was also the first in which Domo® Sports Grass installed the E-layer using its own staff and machines. "This went perfectly, at the inspection we did not receive a single comment." says Wilbert Hogeweij.

Top water field for professional hockey

Domo® Fast Play, the name speaks for itself that this is a fast hockey pitch, suitable for professional hockey. The specific technology ensures that the movements of both the players and the ball are perfectly captured. A multidirectional monofilament artificial grass fibre with low pile height ensures a nice and even playing surface. Frictional resistance is thus reduced to a minimum. The water layer, on the other hand, ensures an extremely fast ball roll with minimal deviation. In short, ideal for top-level hockey.

Unique with Pureti

Powered by Pureti TechGrass - Domo Sports GrassStichting Kunstgras Orderbos completes its hockey pitch by choosing Pureti. A Pureti pitch combats the growth of fungi, moss and algae on contact with Uv-light. This results in a significant reduction in maintenance costs. An additional advantage of Pureti is that it creates an air-purifying, bacteria-free and anti-static surface. Given its location in the Orderbos wooded area, this is an excellent solution for minimal maintenance and algae growth.

Domo® Sports Grass, who are we?

Domo® Sports Grass is your partner for supplying and installing complete sports facilities with artificial grass to clubs, associations and municipalities for football, hockey, padel, tennis, korfball and multisport. But you can also come to us for high-quality hybrid football solutions. Our ambition is to provide sports systems where performance, athletes and the environment are in perfect balance.

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