The next generation of artificial turf

A sports grass pitch with excellent playing characteristics with focus on athletes and completely renewable in closed loop. It was one of our most important goals to achieve this and Domo® Sports Grass is proud to say that we won the challenge with the launch of our new Domo® Infinitum backing.

The pioneering challenge

For many years, artificial turf manufacturers have been looking for a solution to reduce the waste in the disposal of old synthetic turf systems. Previous systems are already recyclable but this comes in the form of downcycling. After recycling, granulates are created which can be used in the production of other goods such as synthetic picnic table. 

Creating a circular economyDomo Sports Grass- renewable

Domo® Sports Grass introduces its new backing Domo® Infinitum, the next step towards fully ecological sports pitches. Domo® Infinitum guarantees a latex- and polyurethane-free covering, recognisable by its white colour. The new backing makes it possible to process an artificial turf pitch at the end of its life into granulates that can be reused as a raw material in the production of new artificial turf pitches, in this case new synthetic fibres. In other words, we will be able to reuse them in a closed loop.

Long term advantages

A with Domo® Infinitum coated surface needs less material to get an excellent pile anchorage, which makes it lighter and more flexible material with a strong CO2 reduction and with a positive impact on the consumption of natural resources. Thanks to the combination of its white colour and lighter weight, cutting artificial grass during installation will be much easier.

There are many estimates about the future of the environment, but it is still unpredictable. Questions as : “What is going to happen with our planet within 10-12 years” or “How long before all natural resources are depleted?” are still not completely answered.

This means as an industry, we have to start thinking in the long term. But the most important thing is that the whole industry works together on this ecological challenge.


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