Durable padel grass for allround use

Domo Padel PE/F artificial turf - product - Domo® Sports Grass

Domo® Padel PE/F - Stable padel surface with optimal grip

Domo® Padel PE/F is a sand-filled artificial grass turf that ensures players a stable surface with a firm grip and an optimal ball bounce. This particular padel turf pitch is ideal for trainings and recreational use. In addition, Domo® Padel PE/F is always playable all year round and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can simply call this sports pitch your all-around padel synthetic grass.

Your advantages

Excellent traction - Domo® Sports Grass

Excellent traction

Domo® Padel PE/F synthetic grass offers excellent traction and a firm grip on the field.

Easy and cheap maintenance - Domo® Sports Grass

Easy & cheap maintenance

Due to the fibrillated fibres of the Domo® Padel PE/F, the sand is less mobile, which leads to easier and cheaper maintenance.

All weather - Domo® Sports Grass

All seasons

Domo® Padel PE/F grass turf is playable all-year round.

Available in different colours - Domo® Sports Grass

Available in different colours

Domo® Padel PE/F grass turf is available in green or blue.

Variously stitched - Domo® Sports Grass

Variously stitched

Domo® Padel PE/F is available with 250 st./lm or 320 st./lm.

Tested & approved

• Dutch standard NOCNSF-

* Depending on the chosen specifications

Your allround padel playing field


Domo® Sports Grass - Domo® Padel PE-F synthetic grass

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Make your Domo Padel PE/F Complete

Domo® Sports Grass offers various options to complete your Domo® Padel PE/F artificial turf. On aspects such as ecology, carefree and easy maintenance, we offer additional services. 

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