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Domo Smashcourt - Your artificial clay tennis court

Domo® Smashcourt® is your tennis court with clay court experience. The court is easy to maintain and can be played on all year round in any season. Choose for a durable artificial tennis clay tennis court. Contact us to start your project today.

Why Domo® Smashcourt® instead of a classic clay court?

Clay is the surface of choice for many tennis players. It is considered the ideal surface for ball speed and ball bounce. In addition, the relative softness of the clay tennis surfaces allows for sliding and turning with minimal risk of injury. There are, however, some limitations. These are mainly the high maintenance requirements. The court needs to be watered on regular basis to prevent dust formation. On the other hand it becomes unplayable during and after heavy rainfall and at temperatures below freezing. It is therefore not playable during certain months of the year.

The Domo® Smashcourt® artificial clay court offers both professional and amateur tennis players the same look, feel and playing properties as a classic tennis clay court. It achieves the same ball speed and ball bounce with an optimal player sliding. The unique feature is the line markings. The lines are positioned higher so that they are always visible. In addition, the special clay-coloured ceramic sand creates a very natural looking and even tennis court surface where ball impressions remain visible during play.


Your Domo Smashcourt advantages

Elevated line markings - Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass

Unique line markings

Domo® Smashcourt®  is provided with elevated line markings for perfect visibility when filled with sand.

Consistent ball bounce - Domo® Sports Grass

Consistent ball bounce

Domo® Smashcourt® offers a consistent ball bounce equivalent to classic clay courts. In addition, ball impressions remain visible during play.

Always playable - Domo® Sports Grass

Always playable

Artificial clay is always playable, all year round, even after heavy rainfall.

Easy maintenance - Domo® Sports Grass

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the fibrillated fibres of Domo® Smashcourt® the sand moves less, which leads to easier and cheaper maintenance.


The difference between Domo® Smashcourt® and a classic clay tennis court

Characteristic Domo® Smashcourt® Classic clay court
Maintenance Low High
Irrigation None High
Dust formation None Yes
Stability High Good
Playability All year round In dry, non-freezing periods
Ball bounce Consistent Consistent
Sliding Excellent Excellent


Your clay court playing experience, playable all year round, easy to maintain


artificial clay tennis court - Domo Sports Grass

Domo Smashcourt references

Tested & approved

• Dutch standard NOCNSFKNLTB2-15*

* Depending on the chosen specifications.


Make your Domo® Smashcourt® complete

We offer additional options to complete your Domo® Smashcourt® artificial grass pitch. This can be done in terms of environmental friendliness and hassle-free installation. Make your choice and we will take care of it.

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Playing Properties

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- Slow to medium speed
- Consistent ball bounce
- All weather
- Indoor & Outdoor
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- Cost saving
- Durable & always playable
- Maintenance activities & support

Maintenance of Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass


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- Top layer
- Fibrillated Fibres
- Unique line markings
Construction of Domo Smashcourt - Domo® Sports Grass

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Domo® Smashcourt® artificial clay tennis court cost?

The cost of a Domo® Smashcourt® depends on several factors: the size of the court, whether you are renovating an existing court or building a new one. In general, the purchasing cost of an artificial tennis court is higher than a traditional tennis court. However, during its lifetime, an artificial tennis court will cost less than a traditional clay tennis court. This is due to the lower maintenance and the fact that Domo® Smashcourt® does not require irrigation to be playable. This means huge financial savings on water consumption. In addition, Domo® Smashcourt® can be played on all year round. This ensures the same playing capacity in the colder months as in the summer months and guarantees income for the club/association during the winter months.

How to maintain your artificial clay court?

An outdoor tennis court is subjected to heavy use and weather conditions. It is therefore essential to keep your Domo® Smashcourt® in top condition at all times. 

The first thing is to keep it clean and make sure it is been used in a correct and proper way:

  • Only enter the tennis court with clean sports shoes specially designed for clay courts or omnicourts
  • Ban the use of chewing gum on and around the tennis court
  • Do not place any heavy or pointed objects on the playing surface
  • Do not play on a damaged surface

As a tennis club or user, there are some simple activities to keep the court clean:

  • Remove dirt and leaves from the tennis court. If you do not do this on time, problems might appear with water permeability
  • Remove surrounding weeds on and around the field. This is best done by hand

It is also advisable to hire a professional to carry out a specialised tennis court maintenance twice a year. Check the Domo® Smashcourt® maintenance page for more information.

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