Domo® Sports Grass strives to design high-quality, eco-friendly artificial grass systems in order to minimise their environmental footprint as much as possible. Therefore we monitor the entire process: starting from the resin up until the completion of the pitch.

Since 1996, we have operated according to the standards of the internationally recognised quality norm and are an ISO 9001 certified organisation. More recently we have also obtained the ISO 14001 certificate. 

We commit ourselves to protect the environment and comply with environmental legislation and other environmental commitments we have signed. That is why we are vigilant every day and closely follow our environmental objectives to prevent or reduce unwanted environmental effects of our activities, products and services. Minimizing our energy, water and raw material consumption, reducing production waste and packaging material and preventing air, water and soil pollution are our priority. By continuously improving our certified environmental management system, we constantly strive to improve our environmental performance.

Today Domo® Sports Grass also offers some unique eco-friendly concepts:

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